Chapeltown Arts 2017

Chapeltown Arts planning group are pleased to show the Chapeltown Arts Festival 2016 report. It is a pictorial report showing evidence of almost all of the events that took place in July 2016. It was a busy festival!

We hope you enjoy browsing and reading through the report. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions. We hope you can get involved in 2017.

This year there will not be a festival in the same way as the last 3 years. There will, however, be a programme of events that we would like to develop that goes further in fulfilling our vision and our aims. Please get in touch if you have an event you would like us to promote and build collaboration with. Oh, and this year we decided to have a theme! It is Leeds West Indian Carnival’s 50th year. We could not let this go by without celebration. So for this year, for the first time, our theme is CARNIVAL!!!!

2016 festival report PDF file

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