The Chapeltown Arts Festival is an annual arts and creativity programme, located in the Chapeltown area, Leeds. It was piloted in July 2014 and is now moving into its third year.

The festival promotes a wide range of arts and creativity in Chapeltown and encourages participation and engagement with residents and supporters of the arts in Chapeltown.

Events are developed across the whole of the community – drawing in older and younger people, businesses, and voluntary organisations as part of the planning process.  Chapeltown is an area of ethnic diversity in Leeds where many artists and creatives practice.  For all artists, both established and emerging, the festival is an opportunity to showcase new work or to show work for the first time. By encouraging community participation we hope the festival encourages confidence, pride in the area and self belief. Chapeltown is vibrant; it has the space, the talent, and the commitment to stage this exciting festival of local creativity.

The idea for the festival stems from the Chapeltown Creatives exhibition in 2011, Chapeltown Stories, the concept for the festival has developed and volunteers in CDT have worked with it since Jan 2013 to the present day.

The Chapeltown Arts Festival has the following Aims & Objectives:

  • To support artistic and creative talent in Chapeltown.
  • To showcase Chapeltown as one of the art centres of Leeds and be recognised as such nationally and internationally.
  • To support emerging, mid career and established artists to exhibit or perform their work.
  • To utilise the arts to develop community participation in the festival and its associated events.
  • To attract new audiences and visitors from the city and region wide.
  • To retain and develop an audience from within Chapeltown.
  • To build community cohesion by engaging individuals, groups, businesses and organisations and creating new partnerships/collaborations/networks.
  • To develop a sustainable strategy for the festival whereby the positive gains are not lost but are used as building blocks for future art festivals and events in Chapeltown.

The next Chapeltown Arts Festival is taking place from 4th-10th July 2016


Evaluation Summary of 2014 festival