Leaflet Origami!

We’re keen on recycling at Chapeltown Arts Festival HQ so here are just a few ideas of what to do with any flyers left over from the festival… Paper Box Paper Airplane Picture Frame Envelope  

Chapeltown Arts Festival 2016!

Plans are underway for the next Chapeltown Arts Festival, taking place from 4th – 10th July 2016. We’d love as many people to be involved as possible and currently taking submissions for projects, events and activities to ensure the festival … Continued

Everything is coming together!

The festival is bursting at the seams with over 25 different events involving over 100 artists! There are also the contributors/participants and the volunteers to add to that. We are so excited about what is in store at the festival … Continued

Punjabi Roots Academy & Entertainment


Indian Dhol Drumming “Loud & Proud”

On the 12th July 2015 Chapeltown Arts Festival

Norma Hutchinson Park.

Punjabi Roots will give audience members quick exciting workshop sessions throughout the day where they will teach about the Dhol, it’s culture and drum patterns.