Chapeltown Arts Festival 2015

Wow! That was an eventful, full up, bursting at the seams, hot to trot, must do it again Chapeltown Arts Festival 2015. We knew it would be good but it exceeded our expectations.

The Chapeltown Word Junction was one of the highlights with the launch of the first catalogue detailing every document, book, essay, film etc written by Chapeltown Writers and about Chapeltown. Well received by participants and audiences. The catalogue is available for 50p from the library or Union 105.

Inna di Dancehall by Chapeltowns own Khadijah Ibrahiim. She gathered together some of the sound system men of yesteryear and weaved a story of sound box, dub plates and bass line to thrill the audience. It was a job getting everyone to leave at the end.

Evening of live music was as a triumph. One audience member said ‘It has been a wonderful night we should have more events like this bringing people together in peace and harmony‘. Reggae from some of the countries best musicians and the fantastic Vanessa Rani performed vocal gymnastics. Beautiful voice.

Raffle tickets were bought and prizes donated by local artists were won. The Community Art Workshops were a hit we shall definitely be doing those again next year. The African Tie Dye workshop was a major hit and the Singing and Song writing workshop carried the swing.

The collaboration in Norma Hutchinson Park on the 12th July ‘Show and Sell’ and the Leeds City Council project Band in the Park enticed 100’s of people to come and listen, buy arts and crafts, make art and watch our touring mini cabaret Live Art Bistro in Van. Such a success.

We are still mopping up and gathering feedback about the festival and intend to begin planning very soon for 2016… We must be mad!! It was hard work but it was worth it.

An evaluation report detailing everything will be available in due course through social media and on our website. Look out for it.

We would like to thank our funders: Leeds Inspired, Arts Council, Leeds City Council, Housing Advisory Panel, East Street Arts and Foot print Workers Cooperative. Without whom we could not pay artists to do their work and afford the publicity to encourage the people to come.

We also like to thank the volunteers who did a great job (especially Margaret and Keisha) in helping with the big things and the small things that matter to one and all. Thanks to Verina Appleton our Volunteer Coordinator for helping to recruit willing volunteers.

Thank you to the audiences and visitors to the festival events there is no festival without you.

Sandra and Lotte
Chapeltown Arts Festival LTD